BESTPRESSO: an alternative to Nespresso

Bestpresso Coffee Review


Bestpresso capsules are an alternative to Nespresso pods that fit the original line of Nespresso machines. They cost about 50% less than Nespresso pods (depending on variety) and come in different flavors.  They are packaged in bags of 20 and when you open the BESTPRESSO wrapper, you can smell the coffee fragrance. Bestpresso pods are manufactured in a plastic body with a metal brewing surface, as opposed to Nespresso capsules, that have an aluminum enclosure and brew through pierced metal surface. Bestpresso pods are manufactured with food-grade plastics that are recyclable and don’t contribute to the taste profile of the coffee.  The brew nicely and consistently produce rich crema and nice aroma, which dissipates quicker than the Nespresso pods.


For people who are coffee perfectionists, there is no doubt that Nespresso capsules are the way to go. The quality and complexity of the Nespresso flavors is without a doubt superior and Bestpresso is a middle-of-the-road coffee. If you are not a coffee connoisseur that likes their coffee just so, however, and are looking for a more economical cup of coffee, Bestpresso capsules are an affordable option. With Bestpresso you can achieve that delightful cup, as many times per day as you feel like, without breaking your wallet.


To learn more about coffee tasting and evaluating, please refer to our blog post at https://podofcoffee.com/how-to-evaluate-coffee/ and when you read about cup sizes, we use the Nespresso standard following these guidelines:


Ristretto: 0.85 oz

Espresso: 1.35 oz

Lungo: 3.7 oz


Bestpresso ESPRESSO Blend is a medium intensity flavor that combines Arabica and Monsoon beans to achieve a coffee best served in 1.35 oz. cups. It is a lively blend that has slight tones of chocolate in a medium body that has slight bitterness at the beginning. It has a lingering and pleasant aftertaste with slight tones of chocolate.


Bestpresso’s  Intenso coffee is a dark roast that produces a rich and dark brew with thick crema. It has a bold flavor in a medium body coffee, with slight touches of sweetness and a fruity undertone. It has balanced acidity and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It is best brewed in espresso and lungo sizes, and pairs well with robust chocolate and berry flavors.


Bestpresso’s Ristretto is meant to be taken as a short shot of intense flavor, due to its dark roast that brings out the bitterness in the coffee. With a few notes of sweetness and bold, sharp flavors, it is perfect as a traditional afternoon espresso.


Bestpresso’s Verona pods are made with 100% Arabica beans. Like most Bestpresso pods, it has a medium body, mellow aroma and rich crema, and starts out bold and strong due to its intense roasting and can also be served as a lungo. This coffee, with subtle chocolate tones, leaves a sweet aftertaste that is classic espresso.


Bestpresso’s Arabica is a well balanced mix of quality Arabica beans. It has a strong flavor with some hints of sweetness and citrus and a pleasant and balanced acidity. Due to its medium roast, it is less bitter than some of Bestpresso’s darker roasts and makes for a pleasant, milder espresso.


The Lungo from Bestpresso is a strong coffee that can produce a nice cup in a longer pull. Its medium body is well balanced with some nutty tones that end in a clean finish.  It is not overly complex, thus appealing to many coffee drinkers.


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