PEET’S coffee, favorite of Nespresso fans

High quality espresso pods

Peet’s coffee has a line of espresso pods compatible with Nespresso Original line that have a serious following. In the world of strong brews, some people are rejecting Starbucks and Dunkin’ in favor of the stronger flavors of Peet’s. While these are no Major Dickason Blend, these are still deep and complex enough to satisfy that craving for a strong cup of coffee, both in the morning and afternoon. These pods are the most similar to original Nespresso pods, encased in aluminum throughout and ready for extraction.

Peet’s Nespresso compatible pods, rated

Peet's Coffee Richezza Nespresso compatible
Peet’s Coffee Richezza Nespresso Compatible Pods


The Richezza flavor of espresso pods, compatible with Nespresso original machine, does not disappoint. The flavor is strong and deep but in a brew that has subtle acidity and bitterness. The fruity and floral notes in a rich body, along with a berry finish, combine to produce an espresso that most dark roast lovers will enjoy. 

Peet's Crema Scura Pods Compatible to Nespresso
Peet’s Crema Scura Pods Compatible to Nespresso

Crema Scura means dark cream, reflective of the desired texture and color of the foamy goodness that this blend produces. Peet’s Crema Scura is a dark, rich coffee with earthy tones that is best served as an espresso or a short pull. It has some nutty tones and a lingering finish that is sure to please.

Peets Ristretto pods
Peet’s Ristretto Pods compatible to Nespresso Original


Peet’s Ristretto is a bold and strong coffee, with exotic spice notes and a creamy chocolate undertone.  It has balanced acidity and bitterness and a rich, dark roast that is reflected in its body. Like its name, the Ristretto is an excellent short espresso, perfect for a little boost in the middle of the day.


Peet's Nerissimo compatible pods
Peet’s Nerissimo compatible Nespresso pods


Peet’s Nerissimo is a dark roast, an intense and slightly bitter brew that is bold and richly bodied. It has tones of baked goods sweetness and a strong and lingering finish that is terrific in cappuccinos or lattes. As Peet’s says “bellisimo!”


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