GIMOKA Coffee Pods Review

GIMOKA Coffee pods, compatible with Nespresso Original machines, were a surprise. The packaging is efficient and compact, and there was no fragrance when opening the pouch, which means the coffee is fresh and completely encased in the pods.

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The pods are plastic with a foil top that covers the whole surface. We brewed and tasted about 30 pods. Each pod brewed successfully and produced good extraction and crema, all with a light aroma. The coffee was strong, even in the varieties rated a lower intensity (the number reflects the roast of the coffee more than its intensity. For example, a 5 means a medium roast of the beans), and had good body and taste. This is part of the surprise because a lot of pods taste good but don’t have to produce a well-bodied coffee. These pods, roasted by Italian group Gimoka and distributed in the US by Bestpresso, are slightly deeper and a bit more bitter than its counterparts, in part because of the Italian tradition for stronger coffee. The company states that the coffee is sourced in a sustainable manner and respecting Fair Trade. All in all, these are excellent pods for use in a Nespresso machine. They produce strong and flavorful coffee with a smooth body and they taste great alone or in drinks with milk or other ingredients, and they cost a fraction of Nespresso pods. A solid 4.5 stars

To learn more about coffee tasting and evaluating, please refer to our blog post at https://podofcoffee.com/how-to-evaluate-coffee/ and when you read about cup sizes, we use the Nespresso standard following these guidelines:


Ristretto: 0.85 oz

Espresso: 1.35 oz

Lungo: 3.7 oz

The Lungo from Gimoka is medium to light roast of Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea.  Its flavor is intense and delightful, with bright acidity and a clean finish. This is a strong and bold coffee that produced a well bodied cup of coffee that had a touch of bitterness and left a slight fruity aftertaste.  For a compatible pod, the Gimoka Lungo does its job well.

The Vellutato from Gimoka Coffee is a medium/dark roasted coffee that, like other Gimoka varieties, has good body and is slightly bitter. It has hints of chocolate sweetness and produces a fruity and clean finish. It consists of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras


The Cremoso from Gimoka Coffee is a bold blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees from South America, India and Uganda. It is a medium roast and has a strong, bold flavor with an undertone of chocolate, and a nutty finish. Its body is rich and a bit creamy and has low acidity and a clean finish.


intenso from Gimoka

The Intenso from Gimoka is a 50/50 blend of Arabica and Robusta beans with a medium roast that produces an intense flavor with great body.  This bright coffee is a delight to drink alone as an espresso or a lungo, with its thick crema and perfect acidity, leaving a nutty finish and great mouthfeel.


Deep and dark aroma and a thick crema are the opening notes of the experience provided by the Deciso by Gimoka. Robust body and hints of chocolate and fruit complement strong flavors that linger in the mouth for an experience that lasts beyond the last drop of espresso.


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