Gran Caffe Nespresso pods create good lattes and cappuccinos

Gran Caffe Nespresso pods

What is Gran Caffe?

We Varieties of tested Gran Caffe Garibaldi’s Nespresso compatible pods. These are a brand of Italian coffee, packaged for use in the original Nespresso machine. All three varieties we tasted were strong and bitter, with a decent body and good aroma, thus created intense espressos.  We tasted Gusto Intenso, Dolce Aroma and Gusto Top, which were dark roasts therefore bolder. The coffee leaves a lingering aftertaste that lasted a long time. The Dolce Aroma had a higher degree of acidity thus was a bit brighter, even though the Gusto Top was my favorite. This brand is not for those who like a mellow coffee. In our taste test, some drinkers found it too bitter or lightweight. However, these qualities made it a good choice when mixed with milk or with a little bit of sweetener.

Varieties of Gran Caffe Nespresso pods

Gran Caffe Garibaldi Dolce Aroma

The Gran Caffe Garibaldi Dolce Aroma is a bright, bold coffee with a higher acidity and bitterness level.  It has hints of nutty sweetness and some fruity notes. When brewed, it produces a darker crema and a pleasant aroma. This brand creates coffees that have a long aftertaste, where the flavors develop a bit more.

Gran Caffe Garibaldi Gusto Top

The Gusto Top from Gran Caffe brews a strong coffee with a rich crema. The coffee’s dark roast, along with its blend of Arabica beans, combines to produce some chocolate tones and hints of fruit. Because bitterness is a hallmark of this brand, this coffee has a bitter opening. This makes it a good choice for bolder coffee drinkers but may be a turn off for those who like a mellower coffee. Therefore, this is a good choice as a latte or cappuccino if you don’t want to drink it as espresso.

Gran Caffe Garibaldi Gusto Intenso

Gran Caffe’s Gusto Intenso is a dark roast blend that produces a well-bodied and bitter coffee. It has some notes of dark chocolate and some hints of nutty sweetness, as well. I enjoyed this coffee as a morning or early afternoon espresso but it proved too bitter for some of my friends, who then drank it in cappuccinos or lattes. The intense properties of the coffee made good milky drinks, maintaining strong flavors.


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