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JOE’s Nespresso compatible pods, reviewed

Are Joe’s Coffee Nespresso Compatible Pods really good?

We put Joe’s Nespresso compatible pods to the test!  Joe’s Coffee USA is an extension of a very successful coffee franchise in Israel. Founded by two immigrants to Israel,  Joe grew to over 250 cafes in the tiny, coffee-loving country.  The coffee is purchased globally in small batches and supervised by international experts. It then makes its way to Israel for processing. Joe has managed to create coffee that is strong and flavorful and balanced in its bitterness. It has lively acidity and a consistent body. It produces, in most variety, a light-colored crema that Joe’s says is a product of their pod sealing technology, that seals the freshness in and the oxygen out. So yes, Joe’s coffee is good and tasty and will be a satisfying part of your Nespresso machine pod variety. It costs about 50% less than Nespresso pods. With its many varieties, every coffee lover in your household will find one that they can enjoy throughout the day.

Joe’s Varieties of Nespresso compatible pods

Joe Espresso

Joe’s Coffee USA Joe Coffee qualities, Nespresso Compatible Pods


Joe’s Coffee house blend, the Joe Espresso, is a 100% Arabica bean brew that has is well balanced, in acidity and taste. It has a good body with sweet undertones of honey, and some hints of fruit. It is a good espresso you can drink through the day. It mixes well to create cappuccinos and lattes.


describes the qualities of Joe's Coffee Nespresso compatible pods
Qualities of Lucca from Joe’s Coffee USA, Nespresso compatible pods


Joe’s Coffee Lucca blend combines Arabica beans from Central America with Robusta beans from Tanzania to create a mellow blend that has nutty sweetness and a bright, slightly acidic finish. This coffee is for those who don’t like intensity in their coffee but still like flavor. Joe manages to create a mild coffee with good taste but if you like darker, stronger coffees, this may not be your blend.


Joe’s Coffee Decaf, Nespresso compatible pod qualities


Joe’s Decaf is supposed to be similar to their house-blend, Joe Espresso, but in my opinion, it is better. It has the same good body and slight acidity, but in our taste tests the flavor was bolder and more intense. It still has the slight sweetness of the Arabica beans and the same tones of chocolate in the finish, but it was stronger. We all know that the mind is a powerful tool and when you feel you need the caffeine but you really shouldn’t, this intense decaf may just fool you into a higher level of activity.


Joe’s Coffee’s Trieste Nespresso compatible pods


The Trieste is a medium to dark blend of Joe’s Coffee that was the least satisfying of all the Joe’s capsules we tasted. Despite its intensity rating of 7, it felt weaker in body and less flavorful than its description. It ends in a salty, bitter note that may have been more satisfying in a bolder coffee.

Costa Rica

Joe’s Costa Rica is a nice, stronger limited blend with an intensity rating of  10 that reflects the coffee sensibilities of the rain forest with an Israeli flair. Joe’s main feature is to have a coffee that is not very bitter and yet has a pleasant acidity. This coffee has good body and strong flavor and will please those that don’t like the coffee too bitter. It has hints of sweetness and a pleasant finish.


Joe’s Coffee Cuba blend


Joe’s Cuba Coffee aims to be reminiscent of the bold and flavorful coffee that is a staple of the island.  This coffee mainly succeeds, with chocolate notes and the right amount of bitterness that can withstand sugar and milk. Like most Joe’s flavor, the acidity is bright to bring out the sweetness and some mellow tobacco notes.

Extra Strong

Extra Strong coffee, from Joe’s Coffee


Joe’s Extra Strong Coffee, is a pleasantly well balanced cup of bolder coffee made from Arabica and Robusta beans. This coffee has some chocolate and cherry sweetness in a mellow brew that is great alone or in cappuccinos. Its acidity and slight bitterness make it a great morning coffee or a mid-day pick me up.


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