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KIMBO Nespresso Pods Review

How does Kimbo Espresso Pods Compare to Nespresso Pods?

I decided to buy Kimbo Nespresso Pods as a cheaper alternative to Nespresso pods, but didn’t want to compromise on quality. I tried the Kimbo Espresso pods to see how they stack up.

Are they as good as Nespresso? Kimbo Nespresso pods performed well in how they extract, taste very good and have good body. Many Nespresso-compatible pods are cheaper but lacking on the taste test. They may have good taste but usually have weak body or a funny aftertaste.  Some even have a fragrance you can smell before even brewing, telling you the coffee is not locked in the capsule. Kimbo Espresso is a tasty alternative to Nespresso. They also cost almost half of Nespresso pods.

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Nespresso coffee capsules brew a delicious coffee and come in a variety of strengths and flavors. They cost anywhere from $0.70 to $1.20 for specialty flavors. This can get pricey for coffee drinkers who enjoy several cups a day or have a lot of java loving family members and friends. How does a cheaper alternative like KIMBO Espresso stack up in the various factors that make a coffee great? Kimbo Espresso Italiano is a popular brand loved in Italy. It is produced in Naples and is served in many coffee bars and at home. They recently added Nespresso compatible capsules to their product line.

Let’s start with performance. I brewed 30 capsules on my Nespresso Original machine and didn’t have any issues. These capsules don’t mention recycling and because they are food-grade plastic with a foil bottom, they can’t be recycled with Nespresso pods.

Kimbo Espresso Italiano pods/capsules come in three flavors: Armonia, Napoli and Intenso. All varieties are roasted dark (at least a 9 on Nespresso scale) and have a strong taste, balanced bitterness and acidity and medium to robust body with good crema (please refer to our coffee-tasting guide here).  

Should I buy KIMBO Espresso Pods?

At an average of $0.40 per pod, and with a good taste and solid body, Kimbo Nespresso pods are a great alternative to Nespresso capsules. The coffee was strong and aromatic, had a wonderful aroma and felt just right in the mouth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. They certainly will become a staple in my own coffee repertoire.


Kimbo Espresso Armonia is a medium roast 100% Arabica coffee with an intense flavor and a medium body.  The beans are sourced from South America and Central Africa, and produce an elegant and rich aroma with some floral sweetness and slight hints of toasted cereal. The brew is rich enough to brew from ristretto to lungo and mellows when milk is added to the cup.


Kimbo Espresso’s Intenso coffee is a dark roast that produces a rich and dark brew with thick crema. This is the traditional Neapolitan cup of coffee, strong and bold. With a robust body and a lingering aftertaste with chocolate notes, this coffee is a favorite of coffee aficionados.

With a blend of Arabica coffee from Central and South America and Asian Robusta beans, Kimbo Espresso’s Napoli produces a well balanced coffee with a medium body, rich crema and strong and bold flavor. The taste lingers with floral accents and leaves a pleasant aftertaste with slight toasted cereal notes at the finish.


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