ROSSO Caffè: Flavorful with a light body


Rosso Caffè capsules are an alternative to Nespresso pods that fit the original line of Nespresso machines. Bundled together, the cost of each capsule is on average $0.35 (to Nespresso’s $0.72) and they come in a variety of roasts and some flavors. The beans have different origins and are manufactured in Israel, with distribution based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Their pods are plastic with foil extraction and after making about 30 cups, none failed to produce a consistent brew with a rich crema.

I tried a variety pack consisting of pods ranging from light (intensity 4) to one of their darkest roasts (intensity 10). The less intense pods are recommended for lungos or milky drinks. I personally prefer the stronger brews in my cappuccino, but it is a matter of taste. I found that the coffee intensity matches its designated number, or maybe even surpasses it. Even though the flavors were rich and strong overall, the body seemed lighter (in all varieties) than the intensity indicated. In general, if you prefer a coffee with a lighter body and are looking for an alternative to the pricier and more full-bodied Nespresso, with a lower price point, Rosso is a good choice. It also is a great choice if you drink your brew with any kind of milk because you get all the flavor with the silkiness of the milk.

To learn more about coffee tasting and evaluating, please refer to our blog post at https://podofcoffee.com/how-to-evaluate-coffee/ and when you read about cup sizes, we use the Nespresso standard following these guidelines:

Ristretto: 0.85 oz
Espresso: 1.35 oz
Lungo: 3.7 oz


Rosso Delicato is a blend of Arabica beans that is gentle and flavorful. The mouthfeel is weaker than you would expect from the beans but the roast is light with little aftertaste, and the brew is best for cappuccinos and longer cups. The flavor is strong, with a pleasant aroma that lingers as you drink, and has slight hints of sweetness in a clean finish.


The Purismo coffee blend from Rosso Caffè is another clean and light roast blend of beans from this company. The flavor is strong and delicate, mild in acidity and, as some of the other light roasts from Rosso, lighter in body.  This coffee retains the characteristics of its Arabica and Robusta beans, giving it a deeper taste without any of the bitterness. The company recommends a lungo pull for this coffee, which produces a pleasant afternoon drink.


The Ricco from Rosso Caffè is their intermediate level coffee and as such is a well balanced, medium roasted coffee. It leaves a fresh aftertaste with a very clean finish. With its rich flavor, medium body and slight chocolate notes, the Ricco is an excellent choice for a morning cup of coffee for those who don’t want a very dark and strong coffee.


Intelligente is another good coffee from Rosso Caffè. Like the milder roasts, this is one is well balanced and mild, with a full flavor profile and medium body, slightly fuller that the less intense Rosso flavors. It has mild, fruity undertones and hints of sweetness and leaves a clean finish.


Rich dark crema tops the Maestro blend of Rosso Caffè. With a longer roast at low temperatures, the beans retain their character while deepening the experience and flavors. This coffee has a medium body with a taste that is bold and rich, low in acidity and bitterness and with a longer finish than Rosso’s lighter roasts.  It extracts well as a ristretto or as an espresso.


The intense Gentleman, a signature Rosso blend, has a fuller (yet light) body and deeper taste.  It reflects the boldness of its two beans, and the slow roast brings out a robust flavor with fruity undertones and finish.


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