At Real Coffee, we focus on quality and sustainability, which unite in the perfect cup of coffee. We offer a range of Fairtrade and organic coffees compatible with Nespresso®, using only the finest Arabica and premium grade Robusta beans. The result: award-winning ethical coffee capsules with quality you can taste!

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Flavors by REAL COFFEE
Organic and Fairtrade! Bologna is made of 100% Arabica beans from the South American highlands. The thorough roast gives a dark, frothy crema that highlights the beans own natural aroma. Bologna possesses a velvety taste making it ideal for Café Latte. And naturally the beans are grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals
San Marino is an exquisite Lungo with good conscience; 100% organic and 100% Fair trade is beneficial for the environment and the coffee farmers. San Marino offers a round, creamy and full experience. The dark roast gives an intense character.
Espresso Napoli Signature Blend is a full and well-balanced espresso with strong character and an intense fullness. The dark roasting of the bean along with the nutrient rich earth give the beans their own nutty flavor with a hint of cocoa and an enhanced fill.
Espresso Roma is an extra strong and full-bodied Espresso. Roma is the epitome of a kick-starter! A blend of 70% Robusta- and 30% Arabica beans. In this premium Robusta blend, the full-bodied flavor from the Robusta meets the sweet, spicy notes from the Arabica. The intense flavour is rounded off with the lingering hint of hazelnut and a rich crema
Organically cultivated by the Mandailing people of the northern Sumatra. The Arabica beans are recognized by their discrete acidity, which leaves a sweet taste with notes of chocolate, liquorice and herbs. A complex flavor with a variety of intriguing nuances. Cultivated by small, independent coffee farmers on Fairtrade conditions.
Torino Decaf awakens your senses without interfering with a good nights sleep and the light roast means that all the nuances in the coffee beans taste unfolds in a symphony of sweet and sour. Torino Decaf is made of 100% Arabica beans.
Espresso Venezia is a sharp espresso with a fantastic intensity. It is produced with 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans from South America. The unique mixture lends itself to a round, well-balanced and spicy taste.
Espresso Verona is a beloved classic in the Real Coffee range. It is ideal for Café Latte, Macchiato or in your own espresso and milk recipe. Authentic, dark roasted Italian espresso with a full, thick crema.
Colombia is well known for its production of the best and finest Arabica beans. The nutrient-rich soil and climate of the Andes mountains cultivates a complex and rich in taste Lungo. Single Origin Colombia is recognizable by its round, nuanced and nutty flavor, as tradition would have it.