Rosso Caffe

We visit coffee plantations in Central and South America, Africa and Vietnam, choosing only the best beans. The beans are then exported to our production center where we roast, grind and blend the beans just the way we like. We have full control over the process and produce prime coffee blends that taste great. We are very proud of our coffee’s quality; we do our absolute best to create only the finest blends..

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Flavors by Rosso Caffe
This sensual blend offers a rich velvety sweetness, with notes of freshly picked fruits, and a slight cherry aftertaste. Bella redefines the beauty of a perfect cup of coffee, perfect for those who are truly passionate about life.
Rich Caramel Toffee flavors enhance the sweet notes of the beans and create a flavorful and balanced coffee, which is a delight to the senses.
Luxurious semi-sweet chocolate flavors enrich the natural aromas of the coffee, forming a balanced and sensual chocolate blend which is a feast for the senses.
An exotic blend of Arabica beans from Jamaica, Brazil, and Colombia with Robusta beans from Brazil, medium roasted for a well-balanced aromatic blend. Sensual coconut flavors enhance the naturally rich sweetness and delicate fruity notes of the blend, creating a complete experience for the senses.
A unique blend of Arabica beans from Costa Rica and Nicaragua with Robusta beans from Brazil, handpicked for their prominent fruity notes, medium roasted in order to achieve maximum flavors and rich aromas. As the Crème Brulee flavors meet the Arabica fruity notes, a very unique indulging flavorful aroma is created, which stays with you for a while.
A blend of South and Central American Arabica beans from Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia. The beans go through a long process in order to remove the caffeine while maintaining the unique character of each bean, creating a subtle decaf coffee with low bitterness and acidity.
This blend combines delicate Arabica beans from plantations in Colombia and Hawaii that have been lightly roasted to preserve the unique and gentle taste of the beans. This coffee with its pleasant granola and fruity notes bring a sweet and smooth feeling to your mouth — keeping your coffee experience light and delicate.
A prestigious blend of selected high-quality Arabica beans from plantations across the finest coffee regions in Costa Rica. The unique flavors of the beans are enhanced with a delicate roasting process that creates a rich aromatic blend, with a rounded and balanced body, notes of cereal and a profound flavorful aftertaste.
This premium coffee has a strong and full-bodied texture, finishing with a smooth, aromatic taste supplemented by subtle fruity notes — just like a true gentleman. A blend of premium Arabica beans from Central America and South Africa with a touch of Robusta beans from Brazil that have been roasted slowly and separately in order to reach maximum flavor.
A premium quality blend of Arabica beans from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama with fine Indian Cherry Robusta, roasted slowly on a low heat to accentuate the natural flavors of the beans. Creamy hazelnut flavors complement the rich cereal tones of the coffee, for a truly rich and indulging coffee.
Rare Sidamo Arabica beans, which are grown exclusively in Ethiopia, are roasted medium-well for a full, rounded body. Intelligente offers distinct rich and fruity aromas with sweet, woody notes, producing a sophisticated aftertaste for a really, intelligent experience.
A blend of Robusta beans from plantations in Brazil and India, along with Arabica beans from Colombia and Peru. Macho is full of robust and full-bodied flavors, created by an extra dark roast that brings out a dominant bitterness and bold aftertaste, tailored for those who love their coffee strong.
Maestro is characterized by its distinct cocoa and hazelnut aromas. It retains the unique flavors of the beans and leaves your mouth with a smooth pleasant taste that feels like a symphony to the pallet.
Purismo is characterized by mild acidity, a delicate flavor, and a rich aroma with a slight hint of granola. Making it the perfect coffee for those who love a pure and healthy life.
Ricco will take you to the highest levels of gourmet coffee with a balanced body, notes of chocolate and a pinch of sourness – which will leave you with an unforgettable delicate richness.
Vaniglia produces a creamy and delicate taste with a profound long and smooth aroma of vanilla, supplemented by notes of rich walnut, making you feel extra special.